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Designing for the new normal

The vital spark of goods that flowed to consumers through the heart of the high street was cut off overnight. They saw a huge opportunity to build loyalty simply by supplying goods to needy consumers online. Direct to customer offerings keep it fully functioning, augmented, and constantly changing in line with consumers’ expectations. A core function of design is to meet the needs of most people. It solves their physiological needs, social needs, security needs, respect and self-realization needs.

Our expertise in Goods and Service

Hands-on experience

We are expert in increasing profits with effective up-selling & cross-selling techniques.


our knowledge of consumer goods technology allows us to help them launch products that their customers will use, value and love.

Understand & Feedback

We design effective solution by understanding the obstacles customers face.star ratings.

User Testing

Our design mind are focused on research, analysis and testing to immediately setting you up for success.


We have a very reliable and passionate group of expert UX and UI designers full team who know all of the newest and most important factors in web design.

Winning Strategy

We craft focused strategies to realize market-changing ideas.

Our design can improve workflow and efficiency

Whilst all of the sites apparently promote the same content and products, what clearly stands out? It is easy to use and ability to find the product you were looking for quickly and with little to no effort.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

01. Customer Satisfaction

An interactive UI/UX keeps users hooked and customers satisfied. A flawless and interactive UI/UX can help in launching your market reputation as a brand. If website/app is designed intensely and user experience is remarkable, nothing can break them from navigating to the pre-determined target and turning them into valuable customers.

We make the Sign In process simple.

We consider human psychology, color patterns, and behavior in your design.

We identify what our audience wants.

We put our self in user's shoes and create a better user experience.

We avoid flooding your app with too many elements.

We don’t let our customers get out-of-place

Deliver a better user experience

It’s been essential to develop the right proposition of design to meet a specific consumer need, and it needs to be supported by the right order value to make it sustainable. The resulting product should have a high perceived value and generate positive emotions in the consumer.

01. Wireframes and Prototype

Invest time into creating wireframes, which are visual guides that represent the skeletal framework of web pages.

02. Design Patterns

Selecting the right user interface (UI) elements (e.g. module tabs, breadcrumbs, slideshows) for certain tasks based on their efficiency leads to enhanced and more familiar experiences.

03. User flow diagram

Start by determining how you expect customer to move through the site, and then compare it to how they actually interact with it.

04. Sitemaps

Sitemap is a clearly planned grading of all the pages and subpages within your site. It is an effective tool for adding efficiency to the website building process.

05. Style Guide

Style guides provide designers a agenda in which to work when creating developing a design, and they also certify that the brand and design elements line up with the owner’s goals.

Statistics on deep industry research

Only 20% of bugs spotted within a product are actual problems. The rest are usability issues.

Almost 50% to 75% of respondents expect a variety of payment options on the checkout page.

69.2% of customers abandon a cart after adding items, because of improper checkout process.

88% of online consumers said they would not return to a site after a bad experience.

Other Industries

Research and solutions for Teaching and Learning

We stimulate the senses and mind by enhancing student experience and knowledge with new version of your e-learning app.

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Creative UI UX Design for Energy Industry

Afford a life from the old massive power plant by enhancing communication and converting complex industry into something clear and usable.

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Designs for Healthcare & Telemedicine Apps

Healthcare aims to transform the delivery of care, and we help healthcare companies to design app solutions that improve people's lives.

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