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Designing for the new normal

Think of the last time you visited a nice hotel, were the folks at the front desk nice? Was it easy to find your room? COVID-19 brought the hospitality industry to an oppressive pause. It may seem pointless to look too far ahead since nobody can predict how travel restrictions and business recovery will develop in the coming months. Still, many hotels and resorts are slowly opening up again and the industry is beginning to recover by implementing new hygiene standards in public areas that follows local health and safety guidelines.

It’s time to look at the complete customer journey and gives more chances to wow guests with your amazing service. The hospitality industry relies on experience to keep customers coming back. Innovating with the latest ideas and technology allows hotels to offer personalized experiences that guests crave. The hospitality industry is constantly innovating to better serve its customers.

When guests socket a smartphone at the map, they can acquire about local attractions and get recommendations for the best things to do and see. By applying the values of user interface design and persona-centered design to hospitality structures, both users and hotels can experience improved employee satisfaction, decreased operational costs, and a boost in guest satisfaction. Inciting positive emotion is one of the most powerful tools for creating a lasting impression on a person.

Our expertise in Hospitality

Hands-on experience

We have been working establishing a trust relationship with visitors.


We gained a rich understanding of the many complexities. Website needs to be visually driven in order to entice users imagination and evoke a positive emotional response.

Understand & Feedback

To evolve with the customer requirement is the only choice to mount climb the journey ahead of competitors.

User Testing

We pay close attention to current trends and customers' expectations.


We have a very reliable and passionate group of expert UX and UI designers.

Winning Strategy

We help you drive the best possible.

Our design can improve workflow and efficiency

Product design primarily wants to help us understand people’s pains, and create a product that will help them solve these problems. Thus we can create useful products.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

01. Visual Performance

Understanding the user’s point of view, we place the information of key importance or core interest on the most scanned spots.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

02. Catchy Headlines

We use short catching headlines and bold headers to draw users’ attention.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

03. Functional Requirements

Interactive Graphical elements, Navigation, Easy Filter or Comparison can solve major problems of application users and provide a clear insight.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

04. Color Approach

Using color hierarchy approach for the all design elements and supporting typography for the clean look aids in the scannability and readability of the site overall. Every element on the screen is a chance to showcase your identity and elicit positive reactions.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

05. Emphasize Important Information

A clean and uncluttered user interface which allows visitors to probe and navigate the website without hesitation, giving them what they came for in the shortest time possible.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

06. High Impact Imagery

High quality image, user can get a feel of the hotel stay experience.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

07. Smart Calendars

A calendar parameter with previous month and subsequent month that enable quick and easy action.

Deliver a better user experience

01. First Experience

To make the user experience delightful, it is necessary to make things simple; the application must provide instruction for the next step with an easy login.

02. Anticipate People’s Needs

App that allows many of the services associated with hotels to be brought into a single place. Provide help in places where users may need it. Give the users enough information so that they can make a decision that makes them feel comfortable. For instance, the booking of hotel rooms can be facilitated through the app, along with bookings for restaurants, gym and spa sessions. Room and housekeeping services can also be ordered via the app.

03. Communication with the guest

Function that allows for instant communication. Informing users about the events in the hotel or promotional offers through a push notification.

Statistics on deep industry research

When a guest feels the hotel understands them, they are 13% more likely to stay there again.

A study has shown us that 60% of travelers on average rely on search engines first when planning trips online.

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