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Designing for the new normal

Due to COVID-19 global pandemic, the amount of people deemed safe to gather in a single place has dropped from thousands to ten. From bulk-buying to online shopping, people are changing what they’re buying. It is clear that the continuous improvement we have seen taking place with our online shopping experiences has affected our expectations for shopping in the “real world”. Shopping on the go is no longer a trend but a daily routine.

The focus on an emotional connection with the customer that eventually becomes brand recognition. The growing eCommerce market represents many opportunities for retailers. Those that recognize the importance of UX and follow best practices for the eCommerce user journey can remain competitive.

Our expertise in Retail

Hands-on experience

We create durable bonds between your customers, products, services and brand.


Leave a inheritance of thought, action and outcomes for communities and within people’s lives.

Understand & Feedback

To evolve with the customer requirement is the only choice to mount climb the journey ahead of competitors.

User Testing

We pay close attention to current trends and customers' expectations.


We have a very reliable and passionate group of expert UX and UI designers.

Winning Strategy

We craft focused strategies to realize market-changing ideas.

Our design can improve workflow and efficiency

UX design plays a pivotal role in the success or failure of any ecommerce activity, and it is not just limited to aesthetics. With the increased and projected growth in online shopping, retailers who follow key eCommerce UX design principles can capitalize on a tremendous market growth.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

01. Simplified Navigation

Visual simplicity maintains whitespace that focuses visitors on calls to action (CTAs) by isolating them from other elements. It creates contrast by displaying elements in a way that make them stand out. It must act as the main gateway between your product or service and the user.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

02. Faster checkout process

Minimal form fields, seamless feel on checkout page, numerous payment methods help the customer with faster payments.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

03. Eye Catching Headlines

We consider the headline as a “hook” that either catches or loses the visitor. Headlines must be able to engage their consumers and should convey the essential message.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

04. Emphasize Important Information

A clean and uncluttered user interface which allows visitors to probe and navigate the website without hesitation, giving them what they came for in the shortest time possible.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

05. High Impact Imagery

Every person is subject to psychological principles and rules. We use empathetic images that are relevant to the context of the user. This allows for a better connection at an emotional level and conveys feelings of empathy to the user. A great image helps tell the story, demonstrates the product effectively and videos on landing pages will help persuade visitors to act on the call to action.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

06. Colors and Its Importance

Appropriate color palettes improve the user interface and help guide the behavior of users. Depending on the product/service, usage of colors that convey the right message which is directly tied to copy readability.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

07. Responsive layout

A responsive layout offer feature and content parity and can avoid the massive amount of traffic that comes from mobiles and tablets user.

Deliver a better user experience

The user journey includes

01. Intuitive Website

An eCommerce website needs to grab the user’s attention by clearly and quickly showing what it sells. Specific Call to Action on websites must help the user to move to the next step in the shopping process. Creating a custom landing page for common product search terms increases a retailer’s chance of ripping a sale.

02. Search and Browse

Predictive search or autocomplete help users see options quickly. Websites can support the shopper in sighting mode by showing them new or best-selling products and allowing them to easily and clearly search displaying overall product categories.

Filters can be applied to categorize the product including the size, color, or price. The users must also be able to remove all the filters at one go.

03. Product page

Putting the Add to cart button or buy now button in the prominent place on the screen. Visual hierarchy to give the user the right amount of information as they need it.

04. Cart

Before the consumer finishes their purchase, show them a clear and concise order summary that includes items purchased, the quantity and price of each item, and the order total. Allow the user to edit any items they may want to update or delete, and include a shipping summary.

05. Checkout

Eliminate the extra obstacle of building an account or logging in by allowing consumers to check out as guests.

06. Confirmation

Once the consumer completes the purchase, provide them confirmation that includes successful payment processing and delivery details like address, delivery method, and expected delivery date.

Statistics on deep industry research

81% of companies who provide great customer experiences and customer satisfaction do much better than their competitors.

56% of respondents expect a variety of payment options on the checkout page.

71% of respondents confirm that video on landing page of website conveys product detail better than content

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