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Designing for the new normal

Where pandemic has affected all the industries, social distancing guidelines drive cancellations of live events nationwide at stadiums, arenas, and theaters resulting in lost revenues from advertising and promotions. Media industry may increase cyber security risks during the remote work facility. Operational, workforce and supply chain interruptions could trigger financial reporting implications in current and future reporting periods. The crisis underlines the necessity for flexible, resilient business models, including increased focus on cash-flow forecasting and impacts with supply chain and commercial channel partners.
Other side, the media industry is also the one humanity is relying on for crucial up-to-the-minute information. Ultimately, consumers want to be entertained. Consumers have turned in huge numbers to digital channels for entertainment, information, and education. Media industry encircling the ecosystem of B2B and B2C companies.

Our expertise in Media Industry

Hands-on experience

We bring value to the experience, applying user-centered design methods.


We are focused on research, definition, ideation, and prototype and testing.

Understand & Feedback

We sightsee how to adapt to the meticulousness of the users, taking into account the specific forms of interaction, interfaces, screens, contexts and audiences.

User Testing

With a user-centered design approach, we will be able to deploy technology that improves the effectiveness of workforce and results in significant gains.


We have a very reliable and passionate group of expert UX and UI designers full team who know all of the newest and most important factors in web design.

Winning Strategy

We engender transformational knowledge about the users’ perceptions and the expectations of consumption

Our design can improve workflow and efficiency

Our design thinking approach combined with our expertise can create new points of contact and customer engagement with your brand.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

01. Personalizing Experience

UX design together with observing, gathering and analysis of visitor behavior initiatives the goal of creating a productive and engaging personalized user experience.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

02. Labeling and Organizing

Designers understand the importance of formatting, labeling and organizing content so that people can access and comprehend the information that exists on the pages.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

03. Targeting Audience

When designing an app that will be targeting a certain group like teenagers, designers are building apps with those groups in mind. The designer took all interest of the user into account to decide what gesture is best for their audience whether it should be double tap, flick, drag or two finger scroll.

Deliver a better user experience

To make the design practice an achievement it is crucial to recognize the user goals and use that thoughtfulness in the creation of a design solution that satisfies these goals while also addressing the business goals and the technical constraints. Today there are heaps of social networking sites and services starting from common ones providing multiple functions and features for the broad target audience to specialized networks. In that case what makes you stand out - A great UX

01. Understanding Users

Most users of social networks are people who are not highly-tech. All they have a very general understanding of basic functions and possible transitions. Keeping the equilibrium on this shrill line between routine and novelty is one of the vivacious tasks the designer will have to work out.

02. Attractive Platform

Creating supplementary features and adding useful integrations is a good way to fascinate the target audience. Efficient user stories and flows can provide positive user experience. Nobody needs the social network just for pure communication, there is big demand in retaining and grouping everyone around a convenient and useful platform,

03. Easy and Simple Registration for Communication

It is always advisable at the very beginning stage to provide a simple, catchy and entertaining tutorial or presentation engaging the user with a minimal number of steps registration.

04. Optimization

The system of filters is one of the basic factors to create a positive user experience.

05. Sharable content

The functionality of creating and sharing content should be clear and make the process fast. The features such as discussions and chatting should be visible, clear and available.

06. Engaging Users

Clubs, communities, public pages, and discussions become an efficient basis for making the network social. Also users must be able to save or mark the content or people they want to remember.

Statistics on deep industry research

79% of people who don’t like what they find on one site will go back and search for another site.

Intentional and strategic user experience has the potential to raise conversion rates by as much as 400%.

If a website isn’t mobile-friendly, 50% of users will use it less even if they like the business

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