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Designing for the New normal

Agriculture sector faced huge uncertainties after the coronavirus outbreak. Food supply chains held, farmers struggled to purchase inputs right ahead of the harvest season, access to marketplaces was limited, and the unsold cost produced strained farmer finances.

Agritech startups, which had co-existed with the traditional ecosystem for years, suddenly discovered that they were essential. Ultimately, the pandemic helped catalyse a shift. The solution to market agri-produce without travelling to aggregation spots helped farmers minimise their travel. These trends defined India's post-pandemic agritech landscape and are also likely to shape its future. The rising penetration of smartphones and the availability of low-cost data in India made farmers increasingly tech-savvy over the last few years.

The pandemic turned out to be a boon for startups that improve market linkages between farmers, traders, and buyers.

Our expertise in Agritech

Hands-on experience

We engage with various stakeholders in the ecosystem to understand the behaviours, motivations, challenges and needs and incorporate the insights into useful, usable products, features, and service.


Our knowledge of consumer goods technology allows us to help them launch products that their customers will use, value and love.

Understand & Feedback

Our aim to build a sustainable farming ecosystem by bringing down risks and improving the quality of life for the farming community

User Testing

Collecting and analysing user behaviour through field visits, surveys, ethnography, benchmark studies, server logs and A/B experiments.


We have a dedicated and passionate group of expert UX and UI designers who provide an affordable design for timely access to technologies, products and services.

Winning Strategy

We craft focused strategies to realize market-changing ideas

Our design can improve workflow and efficiency

We design for the unconventional audience, which is less tech-savvy, the app light by keeping design assets minimum. We put ourselves in the shoes of farmers to get a deeper understanding of challenges currently exists.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

01. Easy Onboarding

Users can customize the application according to their preferences. it’s extremely important to be very conscious of choices of elements, as well as the size of those elements

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

02. Farm Locating

Ability to locate their farm through satellite.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

03. Science and technology behind harvesting

A step-by-step guide offers updates about yield, plant genetics, plant physiology, meteorology, soil science, and revenue.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

04. Pricing

A window for farmers to have a seek to peek on the market ongoing trend.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

05. Colours and illustration

Original imagery focuses on people, giving the site a personal feel, a great choice considering the business's nature. Large, legible text with line spacing keeps large blocks of content easy to read.

Deliver a better user experience

Enchanting UX solutions, driven by smart technologies, helping farmers observe the fields, receiving notifications regarding the crop health and weather report, and locating suitable measures. This not only saves labour costs but also upsurges ROI enabling the Agritech sector to advance in the long run

01. Language Selection Option

The extent of localization in the language would greatly benefit the users and agritech companies. A balanced mix of local language with English providing a better content experience. Agritech application is supposed to provide data on plot size, crops, selling, prices and other equipment types for the farmers and investors to exchange information on increasing output and market access.

02. Research on Target Audience

Agritech company must render solutions through agricultural technology to the farmers and Investors. It is very important to understand and do research about various places, and agriculture needs to comprehend local farmers behaviour towards the applications

03. Simplified Interaction

Farmers from rural areas are not as familiar with technology or applications. It is beneficial to build interactions with limited content, relevant images, bigger fonts, and by providing every reasonable indication at the home page to complete the user journey

04. Easy Access to Information

Providing upfront information in a much-simplified way about types of equipment, input, purchasing, land acquisition, venture, and marketplace, agreement, economic and insurance

05. Quick Customer Service

A service solution, were farmers can lead their life without difficulty or dependency will boost the Agritech application's reliability.

Statistics on deep industry research

More than 50% of the Indian population is dependent on agriculture.

About 85% of agritech startups across the value chain recorded a "considerable" spike in demand for their products and services during the lockdown

A survey recorded an 18X increase in app installs between March and November

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