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Banking & Finance

In the massive competitive finance market, know how to build a long-lasting relationship between your financial brands and customers to stand out in the crowd. GoProtoz will lend noe-bank a supportive hand to create a digital experience that would meet the business needs and user expectations in the best possible way. Since customer centricity has become one of the most top strategic priorities for the majority of financial institutions. We will pivot on the strategy without letting you vanish in the crowd.

Design Team

The team of passionate designers who strive hard to translate business Intelligence into an engaging application experience.


We investigate proper user behaviour, understand and clarify system requirements, user stories, metrics, KPIs before diving deep into the design.

We shape personas that replicate upon the end-user and create a design around it rather than using a generic end-user

We build site architecture intending to break information into meaningful chunks and improve site navigation


We use several sketching tools to visualize the ideas and improve designs before delivering them in authentic form

We transform a skeletal framework of the system where peer review and feedback is gathered.

We distinct the elements and highlight it to give an intuitive interaction.


We arrange images, references, colours and fonts with a purpose to give impact on customers emotion.

A lot of iterations, revisions and improvements takes place at this stage.

Design is tested on actual users, iterated, polished, and seasoned with smartness.

The impact of the pandemic

COVID 19 – Change may be temporary, but adoption is permanent

Since the lockdown, the choice of visiting the physical channel is less. In light of the spreading disease, the banks across the country are working at reduced capacities with access restrictions to bank branches.

Everything that does not fall under the gamut of essential services went to a big toss during the pandemic. The bank may return to business but only on shaky ground. The time to act and adapt digital channel adaption is now. The circumstances where the physical cash could spread the virus is a concern, bring awareness about alternate options to an existing customer.

Banks must remain intensely aware of the reputational risk they face where customers feel they don't get the support they need through savings, investments, insurance and income levelling products. The current pandemic crisis is a boundless financial shock for many. Improving from this crisis will require relying on stretched support and flexibility from banks to help customers get back on their feet. It is necessary to invest time and effort in providing successful experiences to new digital customers. The use of digital tools in retail banking has increased from 40% to 80% in recent weeks. All the bank must get technology to its customers quickly to a large market share. It is the responsibility of Fintech companies to design financial services to keep customers involved in their digital channels to guarantee new digital habits become old routine, that will help people to manage their money to eliminate negative emotions and frustrations efficiently.

COVID 19 – Shaping the future of Regtech

The nation is a heading towards becoming an attractive financial hypermarket with the growth of technology and internet usage. With the addition and launch of new initiatives by the government during the pandemic, the investments in Fintech planetary has shown a significant increase in recent months.

Banks are struggling hard to transform themselves from old-fashioned product-centred philosophy to modernized technologies with client-centred options. A sound User Interface, design, and user experience feature is the most lucrative deal in the current technology-driven market. Fintech has ample opportunity to help lead the global response, ensuring that customers are successfully guided through this crisis, enabling the rapid adaption to the new normal that lies ahead.

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Banking Capabilities

Our offerings in digital health, operational transformation, consumer experience, and high impact consulting help companies deliver personalized, efficient and informed care.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

01. Frictionless Digital Banking

A strong UX enables banks to deliver a simple, and intuitive experience by platform appealing visuals, cleaver architect and seamless experience.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

02. Quick accessibility to finance sector

Groundbreaking UX layout has permitted operators to have access to their bank account in a fraction of seconds. To meet the pace of fast era, it is important to have an immediate entry to online payment platforms, and it can be crucial bill expenses payment, urgent remaining balance checks or sharing or transferring online money to family or friends when they need it instantly. Hence, technology these days is equipped enough to give direct access to the banking account service with an acceptable level of security.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

03. Single click views for all type accounts

The UX design offers customers to have access to all the accounts-brief in the same application. Customers can view and manage accounts like Recurring deposit, fixed deposit, mutual Insurance, credit card summary, and all the records. This design also helps to download the bank statements hassle-free abolishing the old fashion to stay in the queue for long hours outside the bank to get a statement.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

04. Quick Outflows and fund Transfer

Intuitive UX design offers the customer to choose the exact amount to transfer and send the amount to the receiver by a click on the send button. Fund transfers and bill payables made easy than ever.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

05. Auto payable bills

The modernized UX design offers the users to pay their regular bills setting reminders on the app automatically

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

06. Track on user's Finance usage or activities

New UX design permits a customer to keep a check on the flow of his money, eventually helping out in improving the current finance expenditure. Digit automates your savings by keeping an eye on your transactions and making a refined guess as to how much you can afford to save.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

07. Account detail in one click

Intelligent application view offers access of user's financial condition, by just providing information to a customer about their remaining balance, and payout details. Customer can manage their future expenses more strategically.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

08. Pleasant User Interaction

The UX layout and design but primarily emphasize on its easiness for its operator. Designed apps are pleasing to the eye and simple to navigate.

Our offerings and Why to choose us

We strategize on how best to create user experiences (UX) that resonate with customers.

We put our customers at the centre of their design initiatives by involving them in all stages of the process to ensure maximum uptake of their UX initiatives.

We use an established UX design methodology: Double Diamond.

We create multidisciplinary design teams with a broad range of talent and expertise to develop meaningful experiences more efficiently.

We collaborate with other team members and leaders to identify solutions that account for user demands, banks' business needs, and what is technologically achievable.

We focus not only on designing the services as transparent, user-friendly, and simple but also on understanding how personal finances can be for customer and what dramatic feelings and reactions it can cause.

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Integrating Design Methodology

Due to global digitization, data transparency, blockchain, sharing economy, and open banking, the number of finance brand entering the market is huge. The most important point to remember that in urgency for an outstanding competitive advantage, many banks overlook that their prevailing digital solutions are far from seamless and can be uptight with resistance that confuses users. The one-stop solution is to Integrate design in the existing product to improve the value customers get from the already existing solutions.

Ease, speed, and convenience are rephrasing the history of the user experience in banking. User experience is the important attributes that make UX design most important for the banking Industry. To increase the utilization of digital modes, the application needs to be user friendly, and it should have the capability to retains its existing users as well. GoProtoz comprises of all lucrative features in establishing an extremely remarkable impression of a business organization on the customer.

 UI UX Design Company - GoProtoz

Statistics on deep industry research

The world's biggest banks are aggressively investing in UX Design


largest banks around
the world,


now pledge themselves to bring
customer-experience transformation.


Expected annual ROI
on FinTech

Open Banking Revolution

Future open banking main goal is to certify maximum transparency and security, encouraging competition in the financial industry. The global digital financial services available anywhere in the world is possible on a customer experience level. The digital interface design is an important part of the Open banking user experience. A global, unified financial platform will provide innovative solutions to existing bank customers, and modern financial products more relevant to the needs of the digital world.

01. Financial freedom to the customer

With the open banking solution, FinTechs can provide users with opportunities to improve their financial lives. The simple and automated banking solution will take the user experience to the next level.

Currently, banks are burdened by a product-centred thinking legacy with infrastructure. But do these many products providing any ease to the customer with outdated banking solutions? Digital banking requires a complete rethink of the financial user experience, which is modern, intuitive, client-centred with enough resources to bring banks to market and acquire customers. Transparency is the key, a design that creates a successful financial service will be unimagined financial freedom. The ability to each customer to access accounts, financial data, and make payments in a blink of an eye.

2. Failure Mapping

The method of key user personas and standard User Journey Map creation for a perfect service is not enough. Conducting UX audits of existing products and services to find possible pain points is also an important factor. The pain points must be jotted to know the problems behind each user experience journey. Failure mapping identifies potential issues and creates a solution. It’s helpful to conduct an audit to identify any new issues that may occur in the progress of the service from the user perspective, and then obliterate them beforehand.

3. Little things with a huge impact

The major aspect lies in knowing the reason behind what caused the customer to switch to another bank. After the number of surveys, it is concluded that 82 % of banks are losing customers because of outdated design and poor user experience. The total losses from bad UX design in the next 10 years could reach billions of dollars. Most of the online banking user spent 10 minutes unsuccessfully trying to sort out all of this information by clicking the various buttons and moving around different areas. Once they fail the mission, they try to find the contact section and sent a request to the bank’s e-mail about his intention. Likewise, the bank is turning away potential customers by creating obstacles

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