We are design-driven
innovators in creating
game -changing product

Our expertise are UX Research, UX UI Design, UX Strategy, UX Audit for web and mobile apps for crafting better user experience.


Crafting products that are a perfect mix of class and simplicity.
Making top notch products that are intuitive, easy to operate
and that create life changing experiences.

Effective Designs

Effective designs

We take serious efforts, go beyond boundaries to know the client, his business, imagine the end user’s persona and work on these lines to make a product happen.

Establishing trust

Establishing trust

Success is a product of an equal play of technology and trust. And trust begins when you have happy and satisfied users.

Breaking barriers

Breaking barriers

Keeping no barriers in the working methods/ ideas is a policy that we strongly follow. Walls/ hindrances make the thinking small, less effective. Being in no boundaries allows us to think big, deliver great products.


Udhaya Shankar D - Founder GoProtoz
Udhaya shankar D

Founder & CEO

Nilotpal Bathattacharya - BDM GoProtoz
Nilotpal Bahattacharya

Business Development Manager

Shaik Shakeela Akhtar - HR Generalist GoProtoz
Shaik Shakeela Akhtar

HR Generalist

Subhanu Mujemder -  Sr UI UX Designer GoProtoz
Subhanu Mujemder

Sr. UI UX Designer

Giritharan NS - UI UX Designer GoProtoz
Giritharan NS

UI UX Designer

Santosh L - UI UX Designer GoProtoz
Santosh L

UI UX Designer


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