Our UX Design

Creating game-changing products that
invoke a sense of excitement, closeness and
satisfaction for the user.



Every project being unique in its own way, demands a thought process which is different from all others. ​ Thus our first step in creating a marvellous piece of work begins at the Empathize step, where we understand and look at the problems ​ your ​ users are facing from their point of view. Every customer or client will have a different perspective and taking all of these into account helps us clearly understand what they want and then strategize accordingly from there.

  • Defining your user persona
  • Understanding your business goals
  • Understanding your user goals


Once we have analyzed and clearly understood what problems your users are facing, we dive deep and analyze the situation to gather a deeper understanding of the same. Gathering and analyzing these key pieces of information, helps us make sure that the problem we want to address is specific to the T and we have identified the main pain points.

  • Understanding your user journey
  • Developing an Information Architecture or IA
  • Developing an actionable strategy


Once we have locked down on the most efficient strategy to address your problem, we build an inexpensive and scaled down version of the actual solution to test out its efficiency. Building a prototype helps us exactly understand if the solution we have created will serve its purpose or not and if so, then with how much efficiency or why not? It also helps us gather more data on how customers are interacting with the prototype and if there are any more shortcomings we need to address.

  • Developing a wireframe
  • Converting the wireframe into a prototype
  • Publishing the prototype for real user testing


This is the last phase of the GoProtoz Design Thinking Process and in this step we finish building the complete product along with all its features and capabilities. After the build is complete, we rigorously test the completed product with the help of live human interaction. During the testing phase, if we find any shortcomings that need to be addressed, we go back to the drawing board and the entire hierarchy of processes is repeated until we have arrived at a final ready to launch custom solution, designed specifically for your organization.

  • Validation of the prototype
  • Release the complete solution for live human testing
  • Measure metrics and analyze if the solution is working